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Welcome to! is proud to be the #1 Indian artifact prehistoric Bannerstone website on the Internet.
Now, in 2015 -2016, is undergoing a major year-long improvement project in an effort to provide artifact collectors with all the latest Bannerstones, Gorgets and Arrowheads across the country. These new improvements have been designed to give a new and exciting look and feel. We hope you enjoy the new site. If you are visiting our site in hopes to sell your collection, please click on the link below. 


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Benton Phase Mississippi Crown Bannerstone

This magnificent Benton Phase Mississippi Cro...

Price On Request

Reel Bannerstone

Second Phase Reel Bannerstone

For Display Only

“Mississippian Style” Mace-like Artifacts

These two remarkable “Mississippian Style...


Tennessee Hard-stone Tube Bannerstone

Very nice Bannerstone I purchased from Sam Jo...


Wisconsin Wing Bannerstone, Pictured WW#2 pag...

Pictured & Storied in the July 1956 Ohio Arch...

Price On Request

Double Crescent Bannerstone

Berner and Davis COAs; Extremely Rare Banners...


Arkansas Hourglass Bannerstone

I bet most of you have never seen one of thes...

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