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  BA32 “Face” Banner?

This early winged banner of gray-green schist was found in Cleburne Co., AL, by the late Alvin Harper on Cane Creek near Heflin. Some say the pattern of schist on the barrel creates a human face. A chip off one wing. Ex-Glenn Cheatwood and Lynn Mills. Meadows COA. 1 5/8" by 5 ¼." $1,200.

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BA44 Huge Benton Tube  

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This "covered wagon" variety of tubular banner is part of a cache of two banners found in Clay County, MS. The other banner is BA23. This piece, which is made of greenstone, measures 5 5/8" by 1 1/16". A large, well made banner. Ex-Neal Brown Sr., Lynn Mills. Meadows COA. $4,700.

  BA37 Chlorite Fluted Ball

This tan chlorite fluted ball bannerstone is 2 ¼" by 1 ½" and was found off Horseshoe Road in the Francisco community of Stokes Co., NC. Ex-Frank Nifong (438) and John Retherford. Owner purchased it Dec. 11, 1993. Pictured in Lutz’s bannerstone book, p. 317, figure 8. Meadows COA. $1,700.

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Found in Rowan County, NC, this tan quartzite concave humped banner appears to be finished in all respects except for the drilling. The future hole is little more than a dimple. 4 ½" by 2 3/8," the piece is pictured in Lutz’s bannerstone book, p. 409, No. 1, and described on the previous page. Lutz notes that until this banner’s discovery, quartzite had been unknown for this type. Ex-Charles McCarn, Don Ham. Meadows COA. $3,800.

  BA35 Early Quartz Butterfly

This early example of a quartz butterfly banner was found by Charles Casales 10 miles northeast of the junction of I-40 and I-95 in Johnston Co., NC, in August 1999. The burgundy colored quartzite shows some weathering. Meadows COA. $2,500.

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BA38 Mica-flecked Hump  

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This nicely made humped bannerstone is made of black steatite that shows a lot of mica flakes. It was found at a site near Horse Creek in Aiken Co., SC. Ex-John Arena. 2" by 2." Meadows COA. $1,500.

  BA05 Benton Rectangular

Finest of Type: This Benton rectangular banner of gray quartz has the raised barrel prized by collectors. This rare type of banner is usually made of granite and seldom of quartz. This was found by diver Sonny Gunn in 1979 in the Cooper River at Dean Hall, between Moncks Corner and Goose Creek in Berkeley County, SC. Pictured and described in Lutz’s bannerstone book, pp. 352 and 353. This may be the finest of its type.Purchased by O’Neill on 12/1/90. 2 1/16” by 3 1/8.”

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BA18 Renno Butterfly  

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This large, wine-colored quartz butterfly comes with a detailed history, staring with its being found by a farmer near Campbell, Dunklin County, MO, while plowing for a garden in the early 1920s. The farmer chipped one wing in the plowing. Also owned by Dr. W.A. McGuire, E. Lee Renno, Knoblock, Claude Stone, Earl Townsend, Gene Johns, Ken Barrow, Sam Wasion and me. Comes with a 1983 letter from Barrow detailing the history. Missing chip, about nickel size, has been restored. Meadows COA. Pictured several times, including Who’s Who #3, p. 35. 2 ¾” by 4 3/8.” Price on request.


This curved pick banner with truncated wings was found in Saluda Co., SC, and is made of dark green steatite. 2 ¾.” Nice material. $550.

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Beautiful banding adds to the beauty of this ridged green slate banner. A few light plow marks are the only damage. Writing in ink says: “Weidner Clark Co., Ohio.” 1 ¾” by 3 1/8.” $875.


I purchased this curved pick bannerstone of banded siltstone (it only appears to be slate) from John Tilley in 1990, and now here it is back again. 3 5/8.” No damage. Found near Savannah, TN. Also ex-Ray Kilgore and probably Jeff Wilkes. $775.

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This is the first bannerstone I have seen from Mexico. A curved pick, this banner has a groove around the center and is not drilled. Of polished greenstone, it was found near Nayarit. The groove is flattened and widened on each side, making for good shaft platforms. 4 ¾.” $300.

  BA08 Benton Tube

This “covered wagon” type of Benton tube was found in Chickasaw County, MS. I purchased it Sept. 2, 2005, from Lynn Mills. Made of greenstone. Pictured in the bannerstone issue of Prehistoric American, Vol. 36, No. 2, 2002, p. 24, in color. Also collected by Neal Brown. Meadows COA. 4 ½” by 1 1/8.” $2,800.

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BA21 Large Benton Tube  

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This very rare and very large (5 ¾” by 1 3/8”) Benton humped tube banner was found in a cache of various relics in Chickasaw County, MS. Pictured in Lutz’s bannerstone book, pp 124 and 125, with the cache. Ex-Neal Brown, Lynn Mills. Greenstone. Meadows COA. Price on request.

  BA10 Chlorite Pick

Greenish brown curved pick banner was found by a Mr. Weaver in Wake County, NC, in the 1940s. I purchased it from David Rich on Oct. 4, 2002. Meadows COA. 1 1/16" by 4 3/8" $2,600.

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BA19 Double-edged Banner  

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This very early bannerstone was found by Sonny Gunn while diving in the Cooper River at Red Banks, SC, in 1989. It’s made of green siltstone patinated tan. I purchased it April 6, 1990, from Charles Golia, who was selling it and several other banners for Gunn. Meadows COA. 1 7/8” by 4 ¼.” $1,400.

  BA04 Double-edged Banner

This fine banner of slightly banded reddish brown claystone was found in Tipton County, Tn., 2 ½” by 4 ¼.” It is pictured in Lutz’s bannerstone book, p. 245, No. 3, before it was slightly (1%) restored. Formerly collected by Dale and Betty Roberts, Scott Davidson and Lynn Mills. Meadows COA. $1,900.

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This orange and green chlorite crescent banner with iron pyrites or galena crystals was found on the upper end of Sandy Creek in Melancton Township, Randolph County, NC, by Sheril Kivett. Also found nearby were Stanly points. Kivett’s estate was auctioned on 7/17/93, when David Rich bought the banner. C. J. O’Neill bought the banner from Rich on 9/25/93. 1 7/8” by 4.” Meadows COA. $3,200.

  BA16 Highly Refined Hump

This well crafted fine-grained green granite humped banner was found in Greene Co., AR and was collected by Tommy Tucker. I purchased it from him on Aug. 7, 1989. The hole of this piece has very interesting corkscrewing. 2 ½” by 1 7/8.” Meadows COA.

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BA07 Bifacial Hourglass  

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This gneiss banner is a rare bifacial hourglass that was once housed in the old museum run by F.M. “Ray” Snyder in the Smoky Mountains. I purchased it March 23, 1991, from Jack Willhoit. The piece, 2 1/10” by 2 1/8,” was found on Hiwassee Island, Meigs County, Tn. Also collected by Thomas C. Beutell.

  BA29 Rare Benton

This rare Benton rectangular bannerstone of fine-grained granite was found by a diver in the Cooper River in Berkley Co., SC. The edges of this piece flare slightly, suggesting a developmental phase of the "bowtie" banner, found in some numbers in South Carolina. Barreled on one side only. Ex-Don Ham. Meadows COA. 2 ¾" by 3 ½." $4,800.

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BA26 Large Shield  

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This banner of indurated tan claystone was purchased from Len Weidner on Sept. 4, 1990. He had acquired it in 1979 from C.R. Palmer of McKeesport, PA, who collected it on May 14, 1927, five miles east of Coolsbaugh, PA, in Monroe County. Unusually well developed and large for the type. Small pop-out at the hole on one side. Meadows COA. 4 1/16" by 2 15/16" $3,400.

  BA34 Killer Bottle

This highly developed, single-face bottle bannerstone was found near Vienna in Osage Co., MO. Made of pink and red translucent quartz.Acquired from Steve Lee (B-01) at the Collinsville show in March 2005. Chip off the rim. Meadows COA. 2 5/8" by 2 1/16." Price on request.

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The jewel-grade material from which this crescent was crafted rivets the eye. Has a rare shaft groove. One not nearly as pretty just sold at auction for $5,575 plus. Meadows COA. 1 3/8" by 2 5/8". $3,500.

  BA23 Covered Wagon

This covered wagon variety of Benton tubular bannerstone was found with BA44 in Clay Co., MS. Made of limonite, it measures 3 7/8 by 1 1/16. This piece has 5% exfoliation to one end, which has been restored to stabilize it. Ex-Neal Brown Sr., Lynn Mills. Meadows COA. $2,200.

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This tubular bannerstone of pink claystone and shell was found on Seven Mile Island in Lauderdale County, AL, in 1967. It measures 2 5/8" by ¾." Ex-Ray Kilgore. Meadows COA. $2,500.

  BA36 Greenstone Football

This shuttle bannerstone was found in Itawamba County, MS. It measures 1 5/8" by 3 ½." Previous owners include Charles Hester, Neal Brown Sr. and Lynn Mills. Meadows COA. One very light plow scar noted for accuracy. $1,400.

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BA30 HeftCrescenty  

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This sizable crescent banner is one of four found by Sonny Gunn in the "Bannerstone Hole" in the Cooper River in Bushy Park near Goose Creek, SC, in the early to mid 1980s. Made of banded greenstone. Meadows COA. 2" by 5 9/16." $2,000.

  BA28 Greenstone Shuttle

This rather large greenstone shuttle banner was found in Itawamba Co., MS, and was pictured in the GIRS. Excellent form. Ex-Charles Hester, Neal Brown, John Tilley. Meadows COA. 1 7/8" by 4 3/8." $2,500.

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BA45 River Pick  

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The greenstone pick banner was found by Sonny Gunn in the "Bannerstone Hole" in the Cooper River at Bushy Park near Goose Creek, S.C., in the early 1980s. 1 ½" by 4 5/8." Meadows COA. $1,400.

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