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This group of three pendants represents two animal claws and a tooth, all made of cannel coal. These show good polish and no deterioration. The claws are 1 ½,” the tooth, 1 ¾.” Found near Madisonville , KY. $250 each or $675 for the three.

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Very rare relic, a breast plate of brass, made from a trade kettle. The Indians didn’t seem to have much use for kettles, other than for raw material, and many became breast plates and triangular arrow points. This fine example is more than 5 inches across. It has two shallow edge nicks, as is common for these thin, sizeable relics. Ex-Philip Helms, Marty Martin. Talladega Co., AL. $1,000.


Silver schist 2 ¾” by 4 5/8,” This Adena expanded center gorget is made of silvery mica schist and is a beauty to behold. 2 ¾” by 4 5/8,” it was found in Bartow Co., Ga. Formerly collected by John Berner (424), Ray Kilgore and others. $1,800.

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This pendant, which portrays a human with long, flowing hair, was found on Hiwassee Island, Meigs Co., TN., and I have owned it well over 10 years. Good patina. 1 1/8” by 4 ¾.” I have seen only two others, both having less detail, in more than 50 years of collecting. $2,000.


Rectangular gorget of reddish brown claystone was found many years ago near Albany , Georgia . 1 ¼” by 4.” No damage. Still retains good polish. Scarce relic. $975.

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Very thin rectangular gorget of red slate is 1 5/8” by 4 ¾” and was found in Decatur Co., IL. A few light scratches are the only damage. $1,250.


This elliptical gorget is one of the early ones, made from a shard taken from a broken steatite bow. Late Archaic, no doubt. 3 5/8.” Georgia, no county available. Ex-Morast (82-3). $145.

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This fine biconcave claystone gorget is covered with mica flecks, giving it a golden sheen. 1 7/8” by 3 5/8.” Ex-Steven Rich, Jeff Wilkes. Hardin Co., TN. $1,850.


This green banded slate pendant from Ohio shows a wonderful “spirit” mark in the stone’s face, probably the reason the Indian selected the material. 2” x 4 ¼.” Some minor flaws in the slate. $765.

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This is a very rare form of pendant, one I call the claw type. This example is 1 5/16” by 4 ¼” and was found in Quincy, IN. The initials HHH and the number 20 appear on one side in ink. Two light plow marks. $425.


It has been more than 20 years since I have been able to offer one of these highly desirable silver gorgets, and this one is a beauty. Of medium weight, and an enormous 6 9/16” across the points, it bears the touch mark SM, for Samuel Massey. A Londoner, he was famous for his

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production of silver thimbles, but he crafted other items of silver as well in the late 1700s. It is a wonder this Londoner’s gorget made it all the way to the Indians of the Deep South. Other touch marks are an “e,” a lion and a coat of arms. Only slight deterioration shows where one of the holes has been pulled through. Also, there is a cleaned area meant to clarify the touch marks. Price on request. Did anyone catch the Gen. Washington special recently on PBS? I noticed that the Father of Our Country wore one of these gorgets during his early campaigns as a British officer. Provenience on this item is available to the purchaser.

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This fish effigy pendant is made of a scarce material, cannel coal, and, like so many cannel coal pieces, this is from the Fort Ancient culture. 2 9/16.” Piece has slight damage to one fin. This piece shows engraving to both faces of the gills, lateral line, etc., making it somewhat naturalistic. Found at Fox Field in Mason Co., KY, in 1951. $675.

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